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Minx erotic nude bondage fetish bikini model MinxAddiction

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Minx erotic nude bondage fetish bikini model MinxAddiction

Minx erotic nude bondage fetish bikini model MinxAddiction
Adult Reviews says:
Meet Minx, a goth/fetish model whose website, Minx Addiction, offers ?thousands of original high-quality glamour, fetish, pinup, artistic and erotic photos dedicated to dark beauty. Just Minx contains over eleven thousand exclusive images in one hundred and thirty-six galleries that contain an average of seventy-five pics each... you will see her and only her in a wide variety of photosets covering numerous niches, like bondage, corsets, lingerie, girl-girl, fetish, artistic nudes, etc. The photo galleries ... have gothic themes, so expect to see plenty of tombstones, voodoo dolls, knives and gas masks. Minx's tastes run the gamut from fetish, latex, bondage and punk to Playboy playmates, Penthouse pets, glamour and the girl next door. Each girl is handpicked by Minx and her choices will surely impress you. Some of the luckier babes in this section also appear in special shoots with our heroine in Just Minx. Fans of alt-porn will certainly recognize some of these ladies, like former Suicide Girl Apnea, Burning Angel?s Joanna Angel and Anna from Nerd Pron... Minx Addiction has greatly improved since I last reviewed it and it is in fact a force to be reckoned with. Minx is hot, her website is impeccably designed and her content is great... And, hey, it only costs thirteen bucks a month for a membership to Minx Addiction! Put simply, I am addicted to Minx Addiction

Adult Site Surfer says:
Minx Addiction is the home to fetish model Minx as she serves up an array of tasty dark erotica to please all members. Expect to see Minx and her friends posing in dark scenarios to colorful and tasty gothy setups and backgrounds... Minx is a very attractive model who's creativity and sexy dark appeal will certainly catch you eye. Her offering of dark erotica is very enjoyable and entertaining. Monthly cost for membership is more than reasonable for what you get. Two thumbs up for this one.

Masturbation Invasion says:
Nice to see another adult fetish model pop up for a review. After the tremendous Apneatic, simply one of the finest sites we've reviewed to date... It's been well over a year since we first saw Minx Addiction and back then they were promising the imminent release of videos on to the site. They have delivered on their promise and those videos certainly do not disappoint - Minx is an absolute delight in a moving picture, really wonderful to watch. This is the major development on the site in that time, but other things have changed for the better as well. The layout of the site is tighter and easier to cope with whilst the updates seem to have increased in regularity - they've jumped from 70 galleries to well over 300. It really has taken on an incredible rate of progress considering it is a solo venture with no big networks backing it, and the content is as splendid as it ever has been. This has gone from being extremely promising to being the real deal - this is one of the finest solo fetish and photography sites around, and is an admirable achievement on her part.

Bondage Directory says:
The twisted sexy adventures of a bisexual girl who's addicted bondage, BDSM, latex, and of course other girls! Premier erotic photography of all that's dark, demented and beautiful.

Fetish Sex says:
She does tend to have serious photographs with glamour and fetish themes. She poses both alone and with hot gal pals. I might as well preface the review right away by saying I loved her work. The content on MinxAddiction focuses mostly on photography. ... Her pictures are high-res and can be downloaded in Zipped file format as well. Backdrops and props are creative as is her wardrobe. She wears high heels, stockings or nothing but her birthday suit vintage 1983. Nudes are artistic, not raunchy. She definitely does some provocative poses with other beautiful women too. You can download video in Windows Media format and MPEGs, which offer good-looking playback. The scenes deliver less than seven minutes in heaven so to speak as each video plays for around six minutes to show some behind-the-scenes footage of a few of her photo shoots. Additionally, you'll enjoy extra galleries of some of her female friends and acquaintances who work for other websites and magazines within the glamour fetish niche. She includes a few other extras, such as desktop wallpapers and her online journal to give a personal touch to her interactions with her fans. Minx Addiction might not be the biggest, but does have some great photos and costs considerably less than what most sites charge to join.

Honest Porn Reviews says:
MinxAddiction knows just what its members want and Minx delivers it in abundance. There are all the usual elements you would expect from a gothy, fetish site but MinxAddiction takes the genre to a whole new level. Far more creative than many of its counterparts, the photo galleries you'll find at MinxAddiction have a twisted tale behind each one. To give you a taste of just what's in store, amongst the galleries are ones named ?Playing with Knives?, ?Toxic December? (in which Minx actually makes a gas mask look sexy) and ?Kill Your TV?, featuring Minx's possession by her television set! The videos ... usually display in WMV format and generally can be viewed at a best resolution of 720x480 (1300 kbps). The site is generally updated two or three times per week. Just around 12 months ago, Minx Addiction arrived at our door and was hailed as "... one of the strongest alternative fetish model sites" and that it was wickedly creative... Videos that are now being added on a semi-regular basis actually add something to the site. Minx shows off great charisma and presence in front of the cameras that really will leave you gasping for more videos, but the photo galleries bring out her experimental side to the point that she's even been featured in a couple of shoots and videos for Playboy. The site continues to be intelligently organised and presented, with a design and layout that compliments the tone of the content almost perfectly. With content organised into sections depending on the period of her career and indeed sections for videos and behind-the-scenes footage, it doesn?t just opt for the obvious navigation. There's nothing clichéd about MinxAddiction. Fetish is taken to a whole new level and if you've been looking for a site that's unashamedly arty and wickedly creative then this is definitely the kind of place you should be looking at. MinxAddiction is ... one of the best fetish artists I've seen around.

Pornliving Reviews says:
Minx is a gothic girl with a fairly softcore website. I know, we are all thinking suicide girls here. I don't really like that particular site, but I do like pretty gothic girls. That is pretty much what Minx is. I was particularly intrigued when I saw we shared the same favorite band. Just in case you were wondering, it definitely wasn't Backstreet Boys. Overall, this site is for people who are into beautiful gothic women. Minx is a very beautiful, gothicy girl. Despite this, in several sets she sort of drops the gothic looks and gives you a more plain jane look. Minx isn't afraid to get naked, thats for sure. She is definitely a very good looking girl, but if you are looking for some hardcore action, this isn't it. They did a very good job with artistic aspects, so this is for you if you are into that moreso than seeing pussies getting deeply penetrated.

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Minx erotic nude bondage fetish bikini model MinxAddiction